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Software Development

is a process of dividing software development work into smaller, parallel or sequential steps or subprocesses, is working with software design pattern and different data structures, follows as process an software development life cycle. In my last project for instance I used front controller design pattern. A good guide in Software design pattern you can find here.

Service One
Web and mobile Dev

range from developing SPA to complex web and mobile application. For web development on frontend-side let's use VUE, bootstrap, jQuery. On server-side let's use PHP7/8. In mobile app development let's go with android java. For hybrid development let's use flutter and dart.

Service Two
Database modeling

is the process of producing ERD. It includes understand application workflow, model the queries required by application, design the tables, determind primary keys and use data types effectively. Redis as in-memory data store help to cache db queries.

Service Three

for modeling and accessing customer's application data. Your application can send JSON data and receive different data formats including HTML, XML, plaintext and JSON. REST is an architecture. SOAP is an industry standard protocol.

About Me

a person with a healthy mind and body, tech-savvy, interested in art, enthusiastic about nature, following German virtues and values, who likes to cook, clean and dance and drink red wine every now and then. I am open-minded about new technologies and a person with do-it-yourself experience and creative ideas in hard- and software area.  Follow me on Insta and let’s have coffee time together.

Best Projects

I started my career as software developer in 1992 as shareware/freeware developer mainly as Power Basic, Assembler and later C++ developer. For VW Volkswagen AG (via J.U.R. Competence GmbH, Berlin) I created a nested contract management system. For C. Bechstein Pianofortefabrik AG, Berlin, I maintenanced Bechstein homepage development and developed integrated piano sales platform. For Fairmas GmbH, Berlin, I was responsible for Hotel management budget and forecast software. For LawConnect GmbH, Berlin, I developing mobile native app for law consulting and client management. For CTI New Media GmbH, Berlin, I developing and maintenance of first aid community. For Bayer Schering AG, Berlin, I developed search engine management tools, performed gene data analysis and was creating a groupware for collecting, filtering, validating, distributing of pharma data. For KnowRe Company, Seoul, I developed mobile math education app. For Dohe Korea, Seoul, I continued to develop as Team Leader with my team the groupware Tingoware (in house project management web solution). Currently I am working on mobile call center software solution based on flutter / dart, PHP, REST and websocket for KLCNS in Seocho-1-dong.

Community groupware

Together with CTI New Media in Berlin I worked on community platform for managing helpers and organizing events, meetings, resources and accounting processes.

MVC, Html, Css, jQuery, PHP7, REST Api, nested tree data model, Mysql

Pharmaceutical data & analytics

Collecting news, patents, pharma data in different file types and structures from different sources. Validating, pre selecting and distributing of data semi-automated to various clients.

MVC, java-servlet, java-applet, Java, JSF, Perl, Oracle, IBM WebSphere Application Server

Mobile math education solution

Students and teacher are working effectively together. Teacher can observe the student results and students can accessing based on there study level new math challenges.

MVP, Android, Java, PHP5, XML, SQLite

Project management solution

Complex component based single page web application for managing projects, work, task and their checklist, time calculating, messaging and notification service.

VUE, javascript, HTML Web Workers API, PHP7, REST API, MariaDB, web sockets

Contact Me

KULISCHMARIAN, +82 10 8682 7467, South Korea, 16891, Giheung-gu, Mabuk-ro 247beon-gil 3, Achimdosi 101-dong, 301-ho

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